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Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes FAQ

Since I have extensive notes and there's nothing on Gamefaqs or the like, I figured I'd go ahead and make a little FAQ for Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes (1/2011 playable beta).

Q: Holy crap, this game is hard!
A: Yeah, they didn’t balance it well in the beta stage. I suggest either extensive grinding or just using a cheat code. (See below)

Q: Can I play this on SNES9X?
A: Yes, but you have to switch to ZSNES for one specific cutscene, and you’ll want to be cautious about saving in general. When you return to Chronopolis from the “nighttime” Zeal visit, save and switch at the Chronopolis save point. SNES9X will freeze when you talk to Belthasar. Also, near the end of the game there’s a girl in the Truce mayor’s house who’ll offer to tell you about time travel. Both emulators will freeze if you listen to her explanations. (This is optional, so just don’t talk to her.)

Q: What other game-breaking glitches are there?
A: Don’t board the Epoch after the fight with Son of Sun but before the next plot event.

Q: How do I get through the last room of Dalton’s Dungeon? There’s no trivia question!
A: The last room doesn't even give a question because they're all fakes.

Q: In the return to Zeal, the Nu in Kajar asks a riddle. What’s the answer?
A: The answer is "Kajar"

Q: How does this drumming minigame work?
A: It gives hints as you fail a lot. The key is that it’s read from right to left, and the three symbols correspond to the three keypresses.

Q: How do I get through Snaking Woods?
A: It’s a “lost woods” sort of area where screens repeat, but you can tell when you’re on a new screen because the monsters change. From the entrance, go Left->Up->Right->Down->Right->Up [the path up from here is blocked, it leads to Dinopolis)->Left (missing girl).

Q: What’s the password to Dinopolis?
A: The password to enter is "Kalus".

Q: How do I win the frog-catching contest?
A: Catching 5 frogs is sufficient to win. There are two visible on the ground level of the main screen, and one visible that requires climbing up the upper-right vine and circling around on the main screen. In the upper screen, throw the rock at a 60 degree angle. Then climb the vine in the upper left of the main screen and go to a new screen; press R to scare a frog out of hiding. (Note: If you get 4, the game gets caught in an infinite loop. Save before attempting this.)

Q: How do I maneuver the Nu with the "NuMote"?
A: In the lower part of the room, hit the right switch, then the left switch, then you should have a clear path to guide the Nu.

Q: What’s a RainbowShrd?
During the Ocean Palace raid, the three members of your active party will get solo events, most of which end in boss fights. If you win, you get a RainbowShrd, which Melchior will turn into special weapons in the late game. Robo’s scenario is nearly impossible, Alya’s is automatic.

Q: What’s the password in the Zeal Ruins?
A: The password to the second area is "Water"; it's on a bookshelf in the room immediately to the left of the locked door.

Q: How do I do the “Event in 1 AD” sidequest?
A: From the End of Time, you can reach a gate to 1 AD. If you bring Marle to visit Cedric, he'll invite you along to negotiations with Choras. Cedric reveals he's planning to kill Cambyses if/when he declines a trade agreement. You can step in and save Cambyses, but if you do, Agent 12 prevents you from returning to the future because history has radically changed. So you need to get poison from Cedric and kill Cambyses yourself. If you do, Cedric will give you a Camilline, nice armor for Marle.

Q: How do I do the “mysterious forest” sidequest?
A: The forest near Choras (Modnar Forest) in 605 AD has random encounters and strange platforms. You need to step on the platforms in order of the number of blue squares. They are: Entrance, upper right area, upper left area, upper right (main), lower left area, lower right (main), upper right area. You then fight three furies. Beating them gets you a helmet and armor for Crono, and a helmet for Robo.

Q: How do I do the “knight trainees” sidequest?
A: If you take Glenn to Guardia Castle in 605 AD, he'll send the knights (formerly the Vanguard) out for training. You need to watch a scene at Tata's House, talk to one in Medina, and do an rpg-battle minigame in Truce Canyon, then return to the castle for the knighting ceremony. The king gives Glenn the Crestplate, his best armor.

Q: How do I do the “orphans” sidequest?
A: Bring Lucca to her home in 1005 AD and Taban will comment about lost children. You can find a boy in Leene Square, then in Fiona’s Forest. If you return to Lucca's house, he'll give you her Elecktra armor.

Q: How do I do the “agent’s father” sidequest?
A: Go to Choras Dome in 2305 AD to meet the father whose son is lost in prehistory. Then go to the Forest Maze in prehistory (it's a tucked-in green spot that doesn't look like you can land there). This is a really annoying area despite not having any enemies, because of the overly-layered layout. Agent 9 explains that he fell in love with a cavewoman and lost his datacube, but a reptite might be able to find it. Bring Ayla to see Yaluk in Singing Mountain. Return to the Forest Maze (there's a shortcut: Up the vines, left over the log, down the vines, then up the left-hand path) to get the cube. Then Chronopolis, where Balthasar says it's okay for Agent 9 to bring back Sasha. Then return to the Forest Maze to deliver the happy news and get the AgeanHide armor for Ayla.

Q: How do I do the Spekkio sidequest?
A: You need to hunt him down in various eras and defeat him each time. "The home of a fallen hero" is Hero’s Grave in 605 AD (helmet for Glenn). "A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides" is Beast Forest in dark ages (weaker helmet for anybody). "Where it all began" is Singing Mountain in prehistory (claims to give Lion Head, gives nothing). "Birth of a civilized country" is 1 AD Battlefield (mid tonic). "Where an iridescent shell was stored" is Guardia Castle basement in 1005 AD (helmet for Lucca).

Q: How do I do the “Johnny's trading quest” sidequest?
A: You need to get a piece of MoldyBread from Johnny, and give it to the imp in Medina forest in 605 AD, then return to Johnny and repeat the process twice more. Then the imp (finally full) will give you a WoodenIdol. The museum owner seems interested in trading if you "sweeten the deal". [I wasn’t able to complete this.]

Q: How do I do the museum sidequest?
A: There's a bowl you can pick up in prehistory and give to the museum. A man in the Elder's House in Porre in 605 AD will complain about not having enough stone to make a statue. One of the cavemen in the Iokan huts will give you stones to bring back to him, then the statues appear automatically in the museum in 1005 AD. [I wasn’t able to complete this.]

Q: How do I deal with the bridge in the two-party segment?
A: One party reaches a bridge "only a fool could fix". They need to stand on the switch outside while the other party needs to take an alternate path to find a fool. At a left-right split, go left and find the man, then step on the switch across from the first party.

Q: Got any good cheat codes?
This Game Genie code for the original game seems to work fine:
(Originally Created by:

Stat Cheats (created by me using SNES9X; they’ll stay if you save and resume without the code, but reset when your characters gain levels):

Magus Magic Score at 99: 7E27EE63
Magus Power Score at 99: 7E27EB63
Magus Stamina Score at 99: 7E27EC63
Magus Speed Score at 20: 7E27ED14
Magus Evade Score at 99: 7E27F063
Magus MDef Score at 99: 7E27F163

(These seem to glitch when you switch her weapons.)
Lucca Magic: 7E9A9E63
Lucca Power: 7E9A9B63
Lucca Stamina: 7E9A9C63
Lucca Evade: 7E9AA063

Crono Magic: 7E260E63
Crono Power: 7E260B63
Crono Stamina: 7E260C63
Crono Hit: 7E260F63
Crono Evade: 7E261063
Crono MDef: 7E261163

Glenn Magic: 7E274E63
Glenn Power: 7E274B63
Glenn Stamina: 7E274C63
Glenn Evade: 7E275063
Glenn MDef: 7E275163

Marle Magic: 7E265E63
Marle Power: 7E265B63
Marle Stamina: 7E265C63
Marle Evade: 7E266063
Marle MDef: 7E266163

Robo Magic: 7E26FE63
Robo Power: 7E26FB63
Robo Stamina: 7E26FC63
Robo Evade: 7E270063
Robo MDef: 7E270163
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