Chuck (chuckro) wrote,

And then I punched a squirrel in the face (Birthday Weekend)

ARR has off from school last Friday, so he went out to Camp Papa and Gramma while Jthrien and I went to work. Then we went out to my birthday dinner (part the first) at Cellar335, a new tiki bar in our neighborhood. Fun drinks, a lot of high-quality pan-Asian tropical-inspired food. Not cheap, but certainly very good.

On Saturday, I did a lot of chores, but I also got a few hours sitting on the couch playing video games, and I got to sleep in. So that was nice. Then Airspaniel was in town, so she came out for dinner and I made homemade bread and grilled meats to put on it.

On Sunday, we went out to Farmingdale for my birthday seafood feast, this time including the biggest honking king crab legs I've ever seen and a whole big dungeness crab. Then my mom made my favorite chocolate cake with a dairy-free marshmallow frosting instead of whipped cream, which made ARR a very happy boy.

My birthday party had a “taco BBQ” theme—I started a pork shoulder in my smoker (with alder chips) at 6:30 am, and 11 hours later it was falling apart tender and smoky. I also slow-cooked chicken in my cast iron with garlic, orange and cilantro to make a sort of chicken carnitas. I served all that with tortillas, rice, beans and assorted toppings. And a triple-batch of homemade guacamole that disappeared in the first hour of the party. We got a bunch of new faces (probably 30 guests in total) and it seemed like everybody had a good time.

Exciting gifts I've gotten include a fidget spinner, a Star Trek watch and apron, the latest Zits collection, the first trade of the new Jughead series, a book on the history of Magic: The Gathering, a copy of Hyrule Warriors Legends for my 3DS, a pair of silver Superman cuff links, and a bottle of Old New Orleans 20th Anniversary Collection rum.

Oh, and as I was taking the trash out after the party, I realized it was Monday night and that I should take the can to the curb. I reach around to grab the far side of the can and my hand hits something fuzzy I can't see...and a squirrel goes flying off the can. Apparently it didn't see me coming at all and I managed to pop it right in the face. As I pulled the can away it freaked out and started running in circles before finally climbing away.
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