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Weapons Throwing RPG 2: Eternal Island in the Sky (Android)

This is the Sky Island “Forselia”
In an effort to maintain peace throughout the Sky Islands, the Lord must use his “Double Weapon Throwing” technique to do away with invading monsters.
Today he has taken on a request to exterminate a Wyvern, and is on his way to get it done.
This is just the beginning of a much larger battle, that will ultimately determine the fate of all Sky Islands.

My review of the first game is here and virtually all of the same details apply. They've made a bunch of minor changes to the setup (more plot and slightly better English; slightly different weapon loadout; four versions of each stage instead of three; etc.) but for the most part it's the same game.

The two major changes are that 1) They've added magic that the player can use, which effectively adds a fourth weapon arc; and 2) They smoothed out the difficulty curve significantly so that you gradually spend more and more time grinding over the course of the later levels, rather than having 80% of the grinding be the last six stages.

You can now pick up unique weapons from the red chests dropped by bosses (and often rare ones from their brown chests) starting in Stage 6-1. As far as I can tell, the drops are the same no matter which star-level you play, so you can get the boss's weapon in the one-star version of the stage if you're persistent and/or lucky. Also, you can tell which weapon they're going to give you because they use it.

Here’s my mini-guide/listing of what I’ve found:
6-1 Brown: Trishula (#59), Red: Thievery Ring (#48)
6-2 Brown: Celestial Arrow (#28). Red: Arrow Of Artemis (#29)
6-3 Brown: Magical Garment (#12), Red: BP Thievery Ring (#51)
6-4 Brown: Giant's Axe (#74), Red: Axe of Lemuria (#75)
6-5 Brown: Sword Breaker (#12). Red: Sword of Oroboros (#14)
6-6 Brown: Gigant Hammer (#91), Red: Hammer of Atlas (#92)
6-7 Brown: Ruler's Armor (#13), Red: Sword of Vanaheimr (#45)
7-1 Brown: Sword Breaker (#12), Red: Sword of Mag Mell (#13)
7-2 Brown: Trishula (#59), Red: Spear of Misteltein (#60)
7-3 Brown: Gigant Hammer (#91), Red: Hammer Of Mjolnir (#93)
7-4 Brown: Masamune (#43), Red: Sword Of Zothique (#44)*
7-5 Brown: Magical Garment (#12), Red: Dark Orb (#99)
7-6 Brown: Celestial Arrow (#28). Red: Arrow Of Apollo (#30)
7-7 Brown: Trishula (#59), Red: Spear of Brionac (#61)
7-8 Brown: Armor #14? Red: Axe #76?

I cannot for the life of me figure out where the Durandal (#41) is, nor anything at all about Armor #2. Edit: Scale armor (#2) is the brown chest drop from the boss of 1-4.

As of 7/6/17, when you defeat the Dark Lord in 7-8, the plot invites you to challenge the King of Heaven to save the humans and monsters in the Underworld from his cleansing light. The game then tells you that “The Heaven stage is currently under development,” and to enjoy the arena and collecting rare weapons until it's released.

Overall: This is a casual game with a surprising amount of tactical depth; I was very excited to see a sequel and I think it is better than the original. I’ll update this post if I find more hidden items or if they add a postgame segment.

Note: I created an updated review following the release of the postgame segment, which includes a heavily updated drop list.
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